Prudente de Moraes

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Prudente de Morais terminal 

Rua João Henrique Pereira, 850 Estação Velha
Prudente de Morais/MG – Cep: 35715-000
+55 (31) 3711-1415

Located on the FCA railway, provides the connection between the EFVM – Estrada de Ferro Vitoria to the Vale mines, located at the Capitão Eduardo Station in Santa Luzia – MG, at a distance of 60 km of the terminal by rail transportation.

In a total area of 32,000 m2, the terminal contains four loading platforms with a stationary capacity for 120 railcars, an unloading railway gantry with capacity for 60 railcars/day, 26,000 m2 destined for storage yards for up to 85,000 mt of pig iron, of which 60% is paved and a truck scale with 60 ton capacity.

Recently a warehouse for bulk storage was built with capacity of up to 20,000 mt. The total capacity of the terminal for bulk material storage such as metallurgical coke or green petroleum coke is 80,000 mt